The Nation’s Perfect Car Would Look Like A Lamborghini


Remember driving in and out of the car paint shop on Vice City, for hours on end, trying to find that perfect whip in which to drive around your virtual town?

Well, research has found the nation’s ideal wheels, and it would have the body of a Lamborghini, Honda alloy wheels and an Alfa Romeo grille, apparently – the study found.

More than 2,300 motorists were polled on what makes their ‘perfect’ whip, and it’s a cocktail of car cravings.


From the badge, to the headlights and all-important bonnet, to customisation, paint and mods, and it doesn’t look as you would imagine.

Sleek sports car features, seemingly every gearhead’s dream, were just as favoured as the comfort and practicalities of more everyday SUVs and hatchbacks.

A higher driving position and traditional car door openings were also preferred over lower suspension and sporty scissor, gull-wing and suicide doors.


The survey, commissioned by also found the perfect colour is electric blue.

Richard Evans, head of technical services at, said:

Everyone has a picture in their head of their ‘perfect car’ and it’s great to finally see for real what Brits genuinely dream about driving.

We did expect two-seaters, convertibles and high-speed cars to prove more popular, so it was a surprise that larger shapes and more conventional features tended to top the poll.


The nation’s dream motor has been brought to life in a 3D render and blueprint which took several weeks to produce.

He added:

The final concept definitely still has a certain sporty edge though.

Since 2006 has purchased over a million cars, including multiple vehicles from every brand used in the drawing, which is testament to our policy to purchase any car on the road.


The body of the ‘perfect car’ is based on Lamborghini’s newest SUV model, the Urus, with raised suspension and four-wheel drive.

It’s not all about comfort though as the sporty Audi R8 doors and Lamborghini Gallardo spoiler were voted as favourite parts in the poll, alongside matte black trimmings, with Hyundai, Alfa Romeo, BMW and Honda components.

The study also found drivers would happily spend an additional £1,552, on average, on upgrades and add-ons.


Nearly half believed a personalised registration plate would make their motor perfect, while more than a third thought heated seats are a must.

If engineering allowed, one in three would want their car to have the ability to fly while an equal number wished their motor could drive over any terrain.

Just one in twenty would want their car to be able to work under water. In typical British fashion, over half of adults said their ideal journey in this ‘perfect car’ would be along winding, country lanes.


The perfect car includes the following features: the body of a Lamborghini Urus, off-road tyres with Honda Civic Type R alloys, Audi R8 doors, an Alfa Romeo Giulia grille, mechanical spoiler of a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Bentley badge.

Additional extras include lights from a BMW 6, a Hyundai i30 exhaust and electric blue paint with a matte black roof and trim.