The New Nokia 3310 Is Officially Here

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Move over smartphones, the Nokia 3310 is here to take us all back to the good old days of amazing battery life and indestructible screens.

If you were alive at all in the 2000s you almost certainly owned a Nokia 3310 for a while, they were unavoidable.

Forget Candy Crush, the 3310 had Snake. The most frustrating mobile game ever devised.

The phone didn’t have a torch or a camera or anything like that, but you could pop the front off, take the rubber keys off and use the back light to make enough light to roll a cigarette by.

Which came in handy when you were camping with your mates, because you used to go camping with your mates before 4G coverage and access to charging became the most important things in your life.

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Also compared to the perminently smashed screens of modern smartphones the 3310 was basically Dwayne The Rock Johnson wearing full-plate armour:

Now the revamped 3310 is hitting shops for around £50, reports Tech Crunch.

The biggest draw for the phone is the incredible battery life of 25.3 days, with talk time of up 22.1 hours.

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No more asking around the office for chargers. You know who I’m talking about.

It’s going to have a colour screen and internet browser and, most importantly, Snake is back.

It remains to be seen whether the 3310 can single-handedly revive Nokia’s flagging fortunes, but then again it was the phone that built their success in the first place.