The Next Samsung Galaxy Note Features Teased In A New Offical Video


Samsung Mobile Korea just teased some of the next Galaxy Note features in a new video, ahead of its unpacked event in New York on the 2nd of August.

The Galaxy Note series have come a long way and when the first version was released, many criticised its size. Five years later, Android fans are eager to see what the next one will offer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leaksEvan Blass

With so many leaks floating around the web already, this latest teaser seems to also give away some the rumoured features.

Galaxy Note 7 Iris ScannerSamsung Mobile Korea

From the video, you can see some complex screen unlocking going on, which could also point to the leaked iris scanner. Unlocking your device with your eyes would be awesome.

Galaxy Note 7 Camera Samsung Mobile

There was a girl lying down, struggling to take the perfect selfie with a light bulb next to her face and that only points to a better front-facing camera, maybe with flash.

Galaxy Note 7 Water ResistantSamsung Mobile

I’m also hoping the next Galaxy Note will be water-resistant, maybe IP68 rating as the video also suggests that will be featured.

Galaxy Note 7 SPenSamsung Mobile

Finally, something that I’m looking forward to seeing how the already beefy SPen features would be improved, and with a segment of the video showing someone highlighting words in English, maybe there will be a new translation feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Samsung Mobile

We’ll have more when Samsung officially unveils the next Galaxy Note – which could possibly be called a Note 7 to match the Galaxy S7 branding.