The Omni One Is A Virtual Reality Gaming Treadmill For Your Home

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The Omni One Is A Virtual Reality Gaming Treadmill For Your HomeVirtuix

As virtual reality (VR) gaming begins to seriously take off, gamers are fast becoming more demanding of what game companies can offer in terms of immersion.

Enter: the Virtuix Omni One, a bespoke VR gaming treadmill that aims to put gamers deeper into every map, world and quest than they’ve ever been.


This is one treadmill we can actually get behind, as the purpose is not to get the gamer fit, but to replace RT+Analogue stick movement controls with the ones you were born with – your two feet.

Virtuix Omni One TreadmillVirtuix

Running around Grand Theft Auto’s Los Santos or Call of Duty’s Shipment will never have felt better once you’re strapped into the Omni One, which has undergone several different iterations since the company was founded in 2013.

The octagonal treadmill sports a super-slippery surface capable of reacting to the user’s footsteps and translating that into in-game movements. Jumping and crouching are also supported, freeing up those hands to focus on whatever weapon you might be wielding or racket you might be holding.


Users are anchored to the treadmill using a rear-mounted bar instead of a solid ring encasing the treadmill – as per some previous versions.

When the treadmill launches in mid-2021, Virtuix said it plans to have 30 games supporting its treadmill. These games have yet to be confirmed, but it eventually plans to push for titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Virtuix plans to package the treadmill with its own VR headset so no additional kit should be required, and with a proposed price tag of $1,995 (£1,545), we’d expect the full package anyway.


The price is actually quite reasonable considering other room-eclipsing gaming peripherals – such as the spectacular scorpion gaming chair from Cluvens UNILAD discovered last month – are priced much higher.

Omni One VR TreadmillVirtuix

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Virtuix already has a vision for how it will look in the home, and from the images it has created, it looks like it can fit quite nicely in a bedroom or in the corner of a large living room.

The product’s announcement is made alongside a call for investment to get the device onto shelves by the middle of next year.


Virtuix is marketing the funding round as an investment opportunity for the future of gaming. Investors will receive company shares in exchange for the early trust they place in the company, and those who choose to fork out as much as $1,000 (£774) will receive shares a 20% discount on the treadmill upon launch. Making that $1,000 (£774) investment in the first week increases the discount to 40%.

Virtuix Omni One TreadmillVirtuix

Virtuix said consumers can view the treadmill almost like a Peloton bike for gamers. Priced similarly to the home exercise tech giant, it’s certainly a more engaging way to get those steps in. We’re just looking forward to missing those crucial callouts as we catch our breath.

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