There’s A Better Way Than Rice To Fix Your Water Damaged Phone


It’s no hidden secret that if you drop your phone in the toilet, the bath or the sink (or anywhere with a large water based population) then your first thought is probably to dump it straight in rice. 

Fair enough. Rice is a proven fix, especially if you put your phone into a zipped up bag of rice and leave it for a good while. But what if I told you there was a better way of fixing your phone with a higher success rate?

Well, strap yourself in because the game is about to change.


Two words: cat litter.

Yes, it might sound pretty gross at first to be putting your drenched iPhone in a place where your cat enjoys emptying its bowels, but this is proven as a top notch wet phone saviour, according to phone company Gazelle, so personally, I think it’s more than worth a try.

So anyhow – if you fancy giving it a go, then here’s the best strategy, reports Life Hacker.


Using common sense, it’s recommended that you shake all of the water out of the phone first before giving it an air dry – then and only then should you place it in a bag of crystal kitty litter for as long as possible.

And by ‘as long as possible’, we really mean – for as long as possible. Some have claimed they had to leave their phone there for days before it worked. But it’s totally worth it.

Give it 48 hours of being surrounded by kitty litter, and if it’s still not working then it might be time to give up.


Good luck everyone!