There’s A Really Dark Reason Why This Topless Girl’s Instagram Exists


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If you needed persuading that all it takes to be famous is to get your kit off on Instagram, then take a look at this though-provoking profile.

Louise Delage is a creation of French advertising agency BETC which gained more than 40,000 followers on Instagram.

The agency, on behalf of Addict Aide, used very clever photos and hashtags targeting teenagers and encouraging them to engage with the profile.

Good Time

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At first look, the Instagram account looks like a very normal beautiful blogger photographing herself gallivanting around Paris.

Goodbye Berlin ??

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The very dark purpose to the campaign becomes painfully obvious when you look closely at how every photo on the account shows Louise holding some form of alcohol.

? F.R.E.S.H ?

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The campaign makes the profound point of how addiction can be camouflaged by attraction and glamour.

The agency revealed its true identity this week in a video entitled Like My Addiction which explains how easy it is to overlook an alcohol addiction.

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The president of BETC told Adweek:

Hopefully the campaign has served as an eye-opener.

I hope they will contact Addict Aide or other local organizations working to help people struggling with addiction.

Sometimes it seems like in this era, the more people stage their ideal life on social media, the more that serves to hide a not-so-ideal reality.


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It definitely made me think about how, whenever I see drinks in a photo, I assume it’s for a one-off occasion. Especially when set in a glamorous context, it acts as a fashion accessory as opposed to a potential sign of addiction.