There’s A Video Going Round That Will Crash Your iPhone


Most people buy iPhones because they’re simple and supposed to be less vulnerable to bugs and viruses.

But believe it or not, nestled in their grandma’s basement, there are little trolls creating videos for us to click on and fuck up our phones with.

The latest video doing the rounds seems  to have come from the Sino Weibo-backed video sharing app Miaopai. At first it plays normally in video player, but within a minute your phone is completely locked – and completely useless, reports The Verge.

The lockup is not permanent and requires a soft reset or forced reboot to recover functionality of the iPhone.

On iPhones users need to hold down the power button and down volume button until the Apple logo appears, and once it reboots everything returns to normal

crash1Youtube/The Verge

There was recently a prank where users were sent a link opening the Safari browser, forcing both iPhones and Androids to crash.

Trolls need to get a life!