There’s An IT VR Experience And It Looks Absolutely Terrifying

New Line Cinema

With the imminent release of Stephen’s King’s IT, which will be hitting cinemas next month, Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema have teamed up to offer the ultimate VR scare-fest experience.

In what looks like one-part promotion and the other ‘any excuse to scare the living shit out of people’, the two major studios have partnered up for a Virtual Reality experience based on the upcoming film.

Developed by SunnyBoy Entertainment, the scary simulation allows you to walk the streets of Derry while getting to experience the tension and creepy suspense, before traipsing through the sewers where there’s red balloons – and more – waiting to greet you…

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The IT VR experience places you in the shoes of character Georgie who is known for chasing his cherished paper boat down a storm drain, according to Nerdist.

While delving deeper into the killer clown’s lair, Pennywise eventually creeps up from behind, giving you the fright of your life in the process.

Perhaps the worst aspect of the VR experience is Pennywise giving users visions of Georgie’s fate, with hints he may survive the ordeal.

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As most of you will know, anyone going toe-to-toe with the killer clown, results in one gruesome outcome.

You can find out what happens to Georgie and co. when IT opens in cinemas on 8 September.

Anyone with a VR headset wanting to experience the fright on Derry Street can check out the VR experience aboce – maybe have an extra pair of underwear with you.