There’s Another Huge Catch With The iPhone Price And People Really Aren’t Happy


After the announcement of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, everyone was pretty hyped.

The new features of the devices include Face ID and better battery life, but there’s one thing Apple tried to sneak past us that would’ve added another hefty price tag to your purchase.

According to Forbes’ Gordon Kelly, Apple’s most ‘fundamental’ upgrade will not work as expected.


All the new devices boast an improved charging system that will offer a 50% charge in around 30 minutes, if Apple’s announcement is to be believed, but things might not be as simple as that.

That’s because this feature does not come as standard and you will – obviously, this is Apple – have to pay a whole lot more for the privilege.

Kelly writes:

Yes, despite Apple pricing its new iPhones as high as $1149, not a single one of the new iPhones will come with a fast charger as standard.


He continues:

This is because Apple will continue to bundle the Lighting to USB-A charger regardless of the model or storage capacity and fast charging will require a more powerful Lightning to USB-C charger.

Basically, Apple are screwing you over again, and forcing you to pay for extra stuff if you even want to get the improvements they promised.

Apple currently sells USB-C adapters, but they’re as much as $79, and even they don’t come with a cable.


The cable alone can be as much as $35, so you’re looking at well over $100 just to get a faster charger.

And that’s not even to mention the wireless charging capabilities, of which there is no detail yet on whether will be fast charging.

The price of the premium charging mats is not yet known, but the AirPods’ wireless charging case is expected to come in at around $70.


Obviously, no one is forcing anyone to pay these charges but presenting the phone as though it comes with these capabilities and then making customers pay for features that other phones have had for years is more than a little sneaky.

Has Apple gone too far?