There’s Good News For Gingers Who Are Looking For Love

Redheads Are Celebrated At The Annual Irish Redhead ConventionGetty

Whoever started the whole ‘gingers don’t have souls’ craze might want to have a little rethink, as a new dating site is out there just for redheads and those who fancy them. is a brand new dating website that’s been specially created to connect anyone blessed with ginger hair with the partner of their dreams.

The of the ginger world claims to have more fiery redhead singles than any other dating site, reports BRIT+CO.

But what if you’re not a ginger? Never fear.

If you happen to have been born without the hair of Hayley Williams or Mick Hucknall, then good news is coming your way too, as you don’t have to be a redhead to join.

All you need is an interest in other ginger people – and if you don’t have one of those, well… you probably won’t be signing up to the site anyhow.

The site’s tagline on Facebook states that they are ‘a dating site for redheads and those that fancy redheads’.


You can sign up to find your soul-mate (because gingers do have souls) for free on the site in the UK, Ireland, the U.S, Canada, and New Zealand.

Good luck to all the redheads out there!