There’s Now A Way For People To Tweet From Beyond The Grave

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There has been a huge rise in apps and services which allow people to tweet after they die and it is causing outrage across the globe. 

Using tools such as ‘DeadSocial’ and ‘LivesOn’ social media junkies have took their Twitter and Facebook addictions to the next level by using the tools which allow you to schedule posts to be published when you’re dead and buried.

According to the Daily Star, the majority of people have condemned the apps, with some calling them ‘sickening and twisted’ however I have to say, I’d find it quite entertaining to make a handful of tweets when my life has seized to exist.

Using an app like DeadSocial or LivesOn gives users the opportunity to live on in the realms of the internet by choosing a ‘digital executor’ who promises to take charge of your social media life once you’ve passed away.


Worryingly, it was recently revealed by Ofcom that we spend more time online than we do sleeping and as a result of this addiction to the internet and social media, tools such as these after death apps are prospering like crazy.

However a lot of people are incredibly anxious about the rise of said apps describing them as ‘sickening, scary and traumatising’.

When Hayley Birch died last year aged just 25, her mum decided to keep her Facebook page active so that she could keep her legacy alive and to invite friends and family to post onto her wall. But she said she would be ‘really scared’ to see statuses appear from Hayley herself.

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She said:

It is comforting to me to see Hayley’s Facebook and Twitter pages active with lovely and heart-warming words, memories and well-wishes to Hayley, especially on anniversaries and birthdays.

Comments from friends and family members warm my heart. But her writing stuff when she is just not there is crazy.

What do you think?