These Are The Mobile Apps That Are Draining Your Data

by : UNILAD on : 21 Feb 2016 18:48
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If you consistently use up all your mobile data well before then end of each month you may want to check out how much your apps are using in the background.

Research released by Opera Max, and reported by Tech Times, has named some major apps as the key culprits behind background data usage.


According to Opera up to 30 per cent of a users data disappears unnoticed in background apps, with Facebook Messenger and Gmail both guilty.

Opera claim:

Facebook Messenger and Gmail are the most data-hungry apps this way, with some 73 percent of their total data usage happening in the background.

Google Drive and WhatsApp showed more than 50 percent background data usage.


Opera Max is now introducing smart alerts to warn users when certain apps are getting greedy with their data plan, allowing them to block such usage with a few taps.

Alternatively Android and iPhone users can help retain their data by accessing their settings and preventing apps from using mobile data, or it can help to properly close and exit apps when they’re not in use.

This should save you data and battery life

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    WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger And Gmail Drain Your Mobile Data While Running In The Background, Warns Opera Max