These Awesome Headphones Use Vibrations To Make Your Workouts Far Safer


As an active person who cycles to work and indulges in a wide variety of exercises it hasn’t always been easy to find a headphone that perfectly suits what I need.

In ear head phones can pop out at the most awkward of moments, either ruining a track or proving too perilous to put back in. (If you’ve ever cycled on some of Manchester’s bus routes you’ll know why).

Meanwhile the comfort and sound quality of over-ear headphones is massively hampered by the fact your awareness of the rest of the world around hits a low.

But bone conduction may well just be the future for those who love an adrenaline rush, but don’t have a death wish…

These are the wireless TREKZ TITANIUM headphones which allow you to listen to your favourite exercise playlist, podcast or whatever it may be simply and safely.

So what is bone conduction? Well it’s pretty much what it says on the tin and is actually part of the natural hearing process.


The TREKZ TITANIUM guide small vibrations through the cheekbones and into the inner ear – and I have to say in my experience this didn’t tarnish the sound quality at all.

The obvious benefit is that the headphones don’t plug or cover the ear at all meaning you can still hear the world around you – oncoming buses and all!

The lack of wires also means there’s no unending untangling when you reach into your bag to stick them on.

I have used these headphones while cycling, indoor climbing, in the gym, out jogging, and even in the car as a handsfree kit.

I’m pleased to report they were more than a match for every task – sitting comfortably on my head, functioning as they should, and not creating unnecessary distraction.

The only sticking point for most users will likely be the price. In the UK this handy gadget is retailing at £109.99 – so there are cheaper alternatives out there, but it’s worth remembering there are also a lot of more expensive options which don’t have the same commitment to user safety.


All in all if you are in a position to treat yourself the TREKZ TITANIUM are a great buy.

But remember, it’s not all down to technology to keep you safe. While these definitely help you should always pay attention to your surroundings!