These Teenagers Could Spend Years In Jail For Hacking Their School Grades

CBS News

We have all been there, you’ve had that test you almost certainly know you’ve completely fucked up and only wish there was a way to change it. Well, a teen from Long Island had the know how (and the balls) to do exactly that, by hacking his schools computers to change his and two other students’ grades. 

This all sounds pretty ingenious until you realise these three 17-year-old lads could now face some serious jail time after getting caught. The ‘mastermind’ according to authorities is Daniel Soares, who it’s alleged, broke into his high school and put a key logger on to teacher’s computer to steal passwords, NBC New York reported.


It’s alleged that he changed several of his grades, including a 94 that he changed to a perfect 100- c’mon now, that’s just taking the piss. The school finally cottoned on to the scheme after changes were also made to the class schedules of 300 students at the school.

The other kids, Erick Vaysman and Alex Mosquera, have been brought in with Soares after being accused of asking to change their grades and schedules too – they face charges of computer trespass, computer tampering and criminal solicitations.


Soares could face a staggering 11 years if he’s convicted – he could be nearly 3o by the time he’s out – while the other lads face a maximum sentence of four years in jail, according to CBS News.

Oh America, why you so OTT?