These Underwater Cities Look As Epic As They Sound

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It seems that Busted may have been more prophetic than anyone realised, because one architect has designed a city where we could indeed all live underwater.

These self-sufficient ‘oceanscrapers’ can hold 20,000  people and are like small towns, where people can live and work.

The architect behind these seemingly impossible cities, Vincent Callebaut, says he designed them to help humans reduce their carbon footprint.


The structures would generate their own power so wouldn’t need to use fossil fuels.

Each inverted building would have 250 floors and would be half a kilometre wide, with the jellyfish like buildings having entrances on the surface.

The building will have an internal power plant, which will produce fresh water from saltwater and oxygen will be renewed through chimneys in the tower.


Vincent also explained that food will come from coral reefs, farming fields and fishing.

Inside these incredible cities will be homes, offices and workshops, science laboratories, sea farms, agricultural areas, shared orchards with grass and food gardens.


Each eco-village costs a whacking £1,430 per square metre to build, so Vincent’s dream of having them all across the world’s oceans is going to be an expensive project.


Still, it’s certainly an ambitious idea, and something we’d like to see.