This Amazing New Jet Could Get You To Australia In Just Four Hours

image003.jpgReaction Engines

A new hyper-sonic plane capable of travelling from the UK to anywhere in the world in just four hours is set to make international travel a lot easier for us all.

The secret to the plane’s staggering speed is a new turbine, designed by Oxfordshire-based Reaction Engines, called SABRE which combines rocket and jet technologies allowing it to achieve speeds of 4,000 mph.

The new design was possible thanks to the European Space Agency who invested a whopping $11 million towards the project and, according to Reaction Engines, the first model could be ready for testing by 2020, The Daily Mail reports.

reaction 1Reaction Engines

The SABRE engine allows the plane to travel at five times the speed of sound, that’s almost twice as fast as the Concorde, which would cut a journey from London to Australia to just four hours.

A BAE Systems spokesman said:

Once the technology is mature – in around 25 years – we aim to develop airliners capable of more than twice the speed of Concorde.

Reaction Engines have been working on this incredible engine for the last 20 years and its founder believes it could change our lives into ‘something from science fiction’.

reaction 3Reaction Engines

The design also has the potential to revolutionise space travel, allowing humanity to cheaply launch cargo into orbit without the need for multi-stage rockets.

This is pretty awesome, although I imagine the sonic boom the jet creates would make living under a flight path a nightmare…