This High-Tech Combat Robot May Change War As We Know It

by : Tom Percival on : 09 Jun 2016 13:50

The future of war is here and it’s a hi-tech, heavy duty robot called ‘RoBattle’.


This beast of a machine may not look like much but it’s capable of both attack and ambush missions.

Its colossal tires mean that it can even tackle the harshest of terrain with ease making it perfect for surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence gathering.

RoBattle (1)RoBattle (1)IAI

RoBattle’s been developed by the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) who are bringing the droid to the Eurosatory expo in Paris, next week, The Mirror reports.


The IAI claim that this go-kart like machine is a modular device meaning that its ‘robotic kit’ can be changed depending on the mission, giving it remote control weapons, different tires or whatever’s needed.


IAI’s deputy general manager of ground robotics systems, Meir Shabtai, said:

The RoBattle system is based on IAI’s vast experience and heritage in development and manufacturing of unmanned systems including unmanned ground vehicles.

With the modular ‘robotic kit’ methodology, designed to meet specific customer requirements, RoBattle is one of the most advanced combat, maneuvering, ground robotics in the market.

RoBattle (2)RoBattle (2)IAI

He believes that the RoBattle will become a major player in the ground robotics market and will be well suited for future battlefield challenges.

I’m not going to lie this is pretty terrifying and while it may not look like much I’m glad that Google are working on that robot kill switch

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