This Is How Facebook Works Out Who Your Best Friends Are


How often when you go on Facebook do you see that strange person from the students union, who you only met once and added out of politeness?

It’s one of life’s constant mysteries, why your real friends don’t appear on your wall as much as the random people who you drunkenly added on a night out.

But Vice’s Motherboard have discovered the reason why random people keep appearing on your timeline and breaking into your top nine friends list.

Well  there’s no magical top nine friends formula and it’s far from a sinister agenda, in fact it’s just a business decision.

The more people you interact with over Facebook the more potential advert revenue the company can generate. So by encouraging you to interact with new people they make more money.

Facebook uses a series of algorithms to work out people who you share interests with or if you’ve gone to the same events, then it puts them on your wall. So when you see strangers on your Facebook timeline you probably share more interests than you’d think.

There’s also an algorithm built into it which encourages you to reconnect with your old mates who you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Although Facebook did admit that sometimes there’s no method in the friends list madness, it can just be randomly generated so don’t pressured to go down the pub with James from Asda just yet.