This Is How To Access Everything On Netflix


Netflix lovers rejoice!

It’s been revealed tens of thousands of secret codes will give users full access to everything on Netflix.

The streaming site usually requires its user to search for an exact title or to flick through a very few limited genres that the site’s technology thinks you might like.

Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP

But new websites have shown that there are codes that give full access to a list of all those micro-genres, with over 76,000 listed altogether. It allows you to choose from a variety of more specific categories that the site can offer.

It has some pretty precise genre categories with each one having their own three to five digit ID, from Zombie Horror Movies (75405) to Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling (6695), but they otherwise would never be seen.

These can essentially be swapped around if you are looking for something else.

To find the specific pages, you can flick through the unofficial sites that exist online. One site called Ogres Crypt hosts a list of films by genre and sub-genre, as well as a more extended one, and a Google spreadsheet lists them in ascending order by their ID code.

But, a word of caution, the trick only works on the website. Though it is pretty easy to find a film on a laptop and then search for it specifically on whatever other hardware you have.

It looks like Netflix and chill is about to go up a level…