This New Alarm Clock Forces You To Get Out Of Bed To Stop It


This may just be one of the most useful inventions we’ve seen in some time.

If you’re not a morning person and you love nothing more than repeatedly hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock when it’s blasting its noise at 7am, this new floor-based device could be for you.

The new ‘Ruggie’ alarm actually forces people to get out of bed in order to shut off its incessant sound.

And this is no clamber out of bed, hit snooze and climb back under the covers again type deal, either. If you don’t plant both your feet on top of the memory foam padding for a full three seconds, then this thing will just keep beeping.

Oh, and there’s no snooze button on this bad boy, just so you don’t get any ideas.

And, according to Mashable, once you’ve dragged yourself out of bed and managed to switch this thing off, it will actually play customisable speeches or funny sayings, probably as an added incentive to not just fall asleep again.

A Kickstarter page was set up on January 3 to raise funding for the Ruggie, and it has already surpassed its goal of $36,113 within five days.

With another 54 days to go, the Ruggie has raised more than $69,000, and counting, so it won’t be long now until we can get one of these for ourselves!