This New Type Of Advertising Drone Looks Pretty F*cking Terrifying

by : UNILAD on : 18 Mar 2016 17:05

A new breed of unmanned advertising drones could be coming to a sky near you and if this example is anything to go by, they’re pretty fucking terrifying. 


This all seeing eye – resembling a digital Sauron – looks like it’s constantly watching your every move as it hovers above your head.

The half blimp/drone creation is the brainchild of Aerotain and it’s skilled team of engineers in Zurich. If they have it there way, the sun being blocked out by a horde of drone advertising blimps could soon become a reality.


The helium-filled machine – known as Skye – will allow advertisers to have access to a floating billboard where it can float safely around and interact with people.


The makers say their safe and ‘friendly’ drone offers a new and innovative way for brands to interact with their audiences in public settings, though personally it just seems to give us an insight into the dystopian future we could all be living in.


Co-founder of Aerotain, Daniel Meier, told Reuters:

It’s a unique flying machine which is safe enough to interact with. So you can touch it in flight; it’s basically filled with helium which provides most of the uplift.

Skye is around 10ft in diameter, but despite its size, it’s extremely agile and can perform almost any movement thanks to its four small motors.

This design, however, isn’t entirely new. British band Muse have been using similar drones on their most recent tour, though it seems this type is a lot more practical.


There’s no doubt that it’s definitely an interesting concept, but if they all looked like this it’d be a pretty terrifying time to be alive.

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