This Real Life Version Of The Wallace And Gromit Breakfast Machine Is Incredible


A genius inventor has made an incredible real life working version of the Wallace and Gromit breakfast machine.

69-year-old Peter Browne’s Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine serves perfectly cooked eggs, freshly brewed coffee, toast, and even your morning paper at the push of a button.

According to The Mirror, retired airline pilot and silversmith Peter – who designed the machine with his friend Mervyn Huggett – says he’s been coming up with crazy inventions his whole life, but this latest contraption is his greatest achievement.


He said: 

It took a total of 1,000 hours. It was hard work for three months, but it was worth it.

It really does make a perfect breakfast – the eggs are timed for four-and-a-half minutes and the toast is perfectly browned.

The tea and coffee-maker is heated up by a copper boiler and the tap is opened by an Archimedes screw that fills the cup with boiling water – before it is moved by conveyor under either the tea or coffee bag.


You can watch a miniature ‘crane’ pick up an egg and place it into boiling water while infrared elements sweep over bread to create perfectly browned toast before dropping it down a ramp onto the table.

To complete the awesomeness, additional mechanisms deliver your newspaper, and even clear up the table when you’re finished.

Peter and Mervyn are hoping the machine can be placed in a museum to be enjoyed by the public.


Peter said: 

It’s all in perfect working order. The fun is in designing and making it but we don’t always know how to store it.

If it’s taking up too much space, I’m absolutely positive the guys will be able to find someone to take it off their hands…

Amazing work!