This Robotic Suitcase Will Follow You Around Autonomously


The Cowa Robot R1 is the first autonomous robotic suitcase with obstacle avoidance, GPS tracking, portable power bank and TSA approved smart lock.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about someone making a suitcase or luggage that follows you around, in fact, we discovered a similar product from NUA Robotics back in January.

Cowa Robot R1 is the first autonomous robotic suitcase of its kind

What sets the Cowa Robot apart from the others is its autonomous feature, using various sensors. If you’ve been following Teslas’s journey so far with autonomous driving, this will be familiar to you.

The R1 robotic Suitcase uses a technology called CO-MOV which allows the smart suitcase to sense its environment, plan reasonable paths and avoid obstacles, all while following you.

Cowa Robot R1 is very smart, it can calculate paths in real time

Integrated with multi-sensor fusion technology called CO-EYE,  the R1 robotic suitcase is able to gather surrounding information and calculate paths in real time.

Luggage safety is always a concern for most travellers, and what’s impressive is that the R1 can actively find you and navigate its way back to you within a certain distance.

The R1 follows at a maximum speed of 4.5 miles per hour, and with active wheel units, it can tackle all kinds of terrain. As if all that isn’t enough, the R1 features an intelligent lock, proximity alarm, and embedded GPS for maximum safety.

What else does the Cowa Robot R1 do?

Cowa Robot R1 Robotic Suitcase

Loaded with a proximity alarm, you will be notified if your luggage leaves your area. You can charge your phone, tablet or E-reader with its built-in portable power bank.

The Cowa Robot R1 will ship in October and is available now on Indiegogo.