This Simple Hack Can Unlock Way More Storage On Your iPhone

by : UNILAD on : 28 May 2016 10:19
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As a journalist there have been numerous times I’ve needed to take a photo at a very precise time, and there is absolutely nothing more irritating than that pop-up on an iPhone screen telling you your storage is too low.


But thankfully, some genius out there has discovered a hack that will give you some much needed extra space. And it is totally legit as I, being the doubting Thomas I am, tried it out myself and it works. It really does.

The hack was discussed on a Reddit iPhone forum recently and when Reddit users everywhere realised its authenticity they shared it everywhere.

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Let’s waste no more time and get right to it.


To activate the trick simply go to settings – general – about – and check your available storage.

Then head over to iTunes and try rent something really big like The Wolf of Wall Street.

As iTunes tries to download the film you’ll get that irritating pop up we all know too well saying, there’s not enough space.

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Click OK.

Then something nothing short of technological genius happens as certain apps will begin to start “cleaning.”

Then when you return to your available storage, the free space will have grown.

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The real beauty of it is that the more you try rent the film, the more space becomes available.

It’s an endless cycle and that’s why it’s so so good.

Have fun watching Once Upon A Time In America on your iPhone guys.

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