This Smart Helmet Comes With A State Of The Art Lighting And Signalling System

by : Daniel Richardson on : 16 Nov 2020 18:26
This Smart Helmet Comes With A State Of The Art Lighting And Signalling SystemThis Smart Helmet Comes With A State Of The Art Lighting And Signalling SystemUNIT 1/Kickstarter

Bicycle safety is a serious issue, particularly as drivers often miss cyclists when looking for hazards. Fortunately, a Kickstarter hopes to provide a helmet that will make you unmissable and provide an extra level of safety.

FARO is a smart helmet by a company called UNIT 1 and it is set to deliver a range of features that could have practical benefits to cyclists. The product already has a significant amount of support, with almost £330,000 raised on a goal of £15,120. Nonetheless, more people may want to invest in the smart system that could not only make drivers more aware of cyclists but also call the emergency services if there is an accident.

bike helmet kickstarterbike helmet kickstarterUNIT 1/Kickstarter

The helmet has a unique lighting system that can be customised through a corresponding app, and signals can even be picked up to let drivers know where you are heading. The bright light, which makes drivers aware of your presence as well as having the ability to signal turns and brakes, is intended to improve safety. Also, if a wearer falls and does not respond to a prompt, the app will contact the emergency services to come to their aid.

The promotion on the FARO Kickstarter explains the importance of the product:

Cycling accidents on the street are often caused by lack of visibility and unclear communication. Drivers and other riders not seeing you well enough or not knowing what you’re going to do next. After talking to hundreds of riders, 80% of them use cycling lights and still don’t feel safe. Why? Because they’re small and sit quite low. On top of that, they are easily lost, forgotten or even stolen. 

app for bike helmetapp for bike helmetUNIT 1/Kickstarter

Alongside improving safety, the helmet promises to be comfortable and water-resistant. With this in mind, it seems to be the perfect helmet for navigating busy areas. In terms of keeping the lights on, it takes three hours to charge the battery through a USB Type-C and it gives seven hours of life. This will please most commuters who would hope that the trip to work wouldn’t take three and a half hours each way.

While some will be cautious of another Kickstarter, this technology looks deliverable and it could improve safety for cyclists.

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