This Uber Driver Managed To Earn Thousands Despite Barely Ever Driving

img_4451Joseph Ziyaee - Snapchat

An Uber driver made over £10,000 pounds in one month despite only giving one ride.

Joseph Ziyaee didn’t have to drive someone all the way across the country though to earn this money, instead he makes nearly all of his money by signing up other drivers for the referral bonuses, the Independent reports.

Uber uses a system where it rewards ‘new driver bonuses’ to people who sign up for its service and complete a certain number of rides. If they sign up through another driver’s referral code, then both parties get a nice little bonus often of a few hundred pounds.


Using this one clever trick Ziyaee’s made an eye watering £60,000 in the past six months while only driving a small number of actual taxi rides, according to pay stubs viewed by Business Insider.

The taxi driver’s ingenious scheme began when he got a hair-line fracture on his foot that made driving uncomfortable, which he’s called ‘a blessing in disguise’.

Ziyaee remembered a story Business Insider wrote about the ‘King of Uber’, a man named Blake Jareds who earned £34,000 in credit through his referral code.

Now Ziyaee has his eye’s on the Uber king’s crown – despite his Uber account being suspended for posting his code on Reddit – and has even decorated his car and house with Uber products to make his business look more official.

Sounds to us like Ziyaee’s on the road to riches, and he doesn’t even need a car!