Thousands Reporting Same Annoying Problem With Apple iOS 11 Update

by : UNILAD on : 03 Nov 2017 17:47
TheCravin / Reddit

Thousands of Apple customers are reporting an annoying glitch with the iOS 11.1 update which is affecting iMessage and social media apps.


Some users are finding when they type the letter ‘I’, it is auto-corrected to an ‘A’ with a Unicode [?] symbol instead. Annoying.

Reddit user TheCravin said Apple’s predictive keyboard feature suggests a random character such as ‘A’, ‘#’, or ‘!’ followed by the Unicode symbol, and then automatically replaces the ‘I’. Eh?

TheCravin also said when trying to copy the auto-corrected text, the paste corrected the text back to ‘I’. The bug seems to affect iMessage and other apps including Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.


TheCravin wrote:

Okay, so this is pretty weird, and I’m not sure what to think of it. So two of my friends are running the public version of iOS 11.1, and when they type the letter ‘I’, the first suggestion they get is a random operator character (like ‘A’, or ‘#’, or ‘!’) and then the Unicode character for ‘Hey I can’t read this’, the little box with a question mark.

I thought that was weird, but then I saw a tweet where someone clearly tried to type ‘I’, and it instead showed the ‘A’ operator and then the question mark character. It didn’t click for me at first, but when I tried to copy and paste the content of the tweet, my paste fixed it and just showed the letter ‘I’.

And they’re not the only one who’s confused by it:


Apple’s workaround to the iOS 11 problem has not been taken kindly by Twitter:

Apple released the iPhone X just last week, and there have already been issues reported with people dropping them and, well, you know the rest.

Of course, smashed up iPhones can be avoided by taking precautions such as putting on a screen protector and a case to the device, but some people – me included – will never learn.

One video, filmed in China, shows an owner holding up a battered silver iPhone X in his hand and although it apparently still worked, the front and back were covered in splits and cracks.

Thousands of people camped outside Apple stores for days to get their hands on the new iPhone which cost from upwards of a huge £999.

From Moscow to Dubai, Berlin to New York and even London, tech-heads have turned out in their droves.


In September, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ were released and they also had problems reported.

According to buyers, some devices had a malfunction which caused the phone’s battery to swell causing the iPhone itself to terrifyingly crack and split open.

Despite an Apple spokesperson refusing to speak out on how many devices are effected by the fault, Apple are reportedly looking into the claims seriously.

Fortunately, according to Techcrunch the number of devices effected are ‘very few’ however a more specific report carried out by CNET, claims that around six different reports in five countries of the iPhone 8 spilling its guts due to battery swelling.


TechRadar revealed, iPhone sales were already going through the roof prior to the iPhone X going on sale.

Apple sold 46.7 million iPhone devices in the last three months, which is 14% up in phones sold from the previous quarter and 3% from the same time last year.

Apple’s overall revenue for the fourth quarter was $52.6 billion.

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