Tinder Releases Pictures Of 30 Most Right Swiped People


The casual dating app Tinder has released a list of the thirty most swiped right people in the UK, including photos of the gorgeous group. 

As you’d expect the list is made up of men with strong jawlines, women with even stronger pouts, and cheekbones so defined you could look them up in a dictionary.

Not only can you gaze upon their beauty and weep, like Oppenheimer when he saw a nuclear bomb detonate for the first time, you can also learn the secret to their success.

Here are some of the thirty:

That’s right these people aren’t just successful because they’re really, really, ridiculously good-looking, it’s because they believe they’ve learned the cheat codes to the popular app.

The group made up of men and women between the ages of 18 and 34, who we’ll refer to as The Magnificent 30 from now on, revealed the eldritchian secrets to their impressive Tinder success to Cosmopolitan.

So what can you learn if you want to get lucky… in love?

Flickr / Tinder

Well we’ll start with the basics, most of the 30 (not all some have super specific moves) start things off by swiping right and, should they match with someone, they say ‘Hello’.

It’s a bold move we know but if it works for them it could work for you. Of course, such a daring move should only be used online so as not to terrify a prospective partner who may be dazzled by such a brazen opening gambit.

At this point, you’re probably saying: ‘Well UNILAD that’s all well and good for gorgeous golden gods like The Magnificent 30 but how do I a lowly mortal ensure that someone swipes right on me?’

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Well don’t worry, the 30 have a few tips for ensuring that a prospective mate swipes right instead of throwing their phone away in disgust when they stumble upon your Tinder profile.

Use photos that showcase your personality and interests, it helps to have a photo of yourself as well and try and choose one where you look half decent.

Most of The Magnificent 30, however, were more interested in a partner who seemed interesting than being particularly good looking.


In fact, most of them would swipe left on a profile that seemed a bit vapid or featured just a bunch of selfies, especially topless selfies which the 30 seem to hate with a fiery passion.

So if you’re looking to improve your love life but haven’t taken the digital plunge and downloaded the Tinder app just yet, why not dive into the world of online dating?

Let us know if any of these tips work for you and if all else fails you can just be yourself, it works in films and TV so maybe it’ll work in real life.

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