Tokyo Police Are Using Customised Drones To Catch Other Drones


Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department now has a fleet of custom drones designed to catch other suspicious-looking drones.

The drones will be controlled by riot police and intercept private craft using a large net, before then taking the captured drone to the ground.

Operators will be given a warning before being engaged in hot aerial pursuit.


The elite squadron has been developed following a terrorist scare where a drone carrying trace amounts of radioactive caesium landed on the Japanese Prime Minister’s helipad.

Following that incident chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga said:

This situation concerns the centre of the Japanese government, the prime minister’s office, and we will take every necessary measures, including a detailed investigation by police”

It is hoped the police drones will deter people using the aerial vehicles, which are already prohibited from flying over government buildings, roads, and airports, to spy on officials

So if you happen to be unwrapping a drone in Japan this Christmas, be careful where you pilot it.