Tom From MySpace Responds Perfectly On Twitter Following Facebook And Instagram Outage

by : Hannah Smith on : 07 Oct 2021 11:00
Tom From MySpace Responds Perfectly On Twitter Following Facebook And Instagram Outage@myspacetom/Twitter/Alamy

The global Facebook outage had everyone scrambling, leading many to wonder whether having all our most popular methods of communication under the same system was really the best idea.

For millennials, the 6 hour-long outage was a chance to reminisce about the good old days, when having the internet on your phone was still a pipe dream and it was MySpace, Bebo and MSN Messenger that ruled the social media landscape.


‘Why did we leave MySpace again,’ one person tweeted as the world flocked to Twitter to make their best jokes about the unprecedented outage.

Facebook was down for several hours (Alamy)Alamy

Others took the opportunity to praise the creators of these old school sites, with one person posting, ‘Y’all ever stop and think about how the Cragslist and MySpace dudes just made big popular websites and then chilled, without trying to take over the world and destroy society around them?’

Now, following the outage, one very familiar face has joined in on the banter. ‘gm – it wasn’t me’ tweeted Tom Anderson – better known as Tom from MySpace – bringing back some noughties era internet slang in the process.


Tom’s perfect response was met with a wave of praise from his followers, with one person describing him as ‘the most unproblematic figure in all of social media.’

‘You did social media right. Didn’t get greedy, secured the bag and taught many of us HTML, then enjoyed an early retirement. We miss MySpace! Salute Tom!’ another user replied, while a third suggested that there was still a gap in the market for a wholesome network like MySpace, writing ‘If Tom from MySpace rolled out a new social media app to bury Facebook, the loyalty I’d have for it would be enough to power a small city.’

Although many fans are keen to see their friend Tom as the saviour of the internet, by his own account it seems like he’s happily enjoying retirement. The tech entrepreneur tweeted earlier this year that he was ‘Enjoying the good life’ well away from the general chaos that social media has created. And to be honest, who can blame him?


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