Having Problems Streaming Euro 2016? Here’s Why

by : Scott Cullen on : 16 Jun 2016 11:42

People are seeing pixalation and buffer rings when streaming Euro 2016 games. What’s going on?

As many of us feast on the quadrennial delight that is the Euro 2016 Championships, some fans of the ‘beautiful game’ are reporting major issues getting a decent quality stream. Even mainstream sites such as BBC iPlayer are having problems.

In 2014, according to FIFA, nearly 280 million people watched the World Cup on mobile devices or online, so you can imagine that two years later that number will have grown considerably.

watching a streamwatching a stream

So why is this happening?

Paul Evans, CEO of Boosty, had this to say to Digital Spy as a possible cause for the frustrations many people are having:

Almost 40 per cent of households now have five or more connected devices competing for internet access at any given time, but dodgy broadband connections mean football fans streaming the Euros could be left sweating.


Not only will the amount of connected devices affect the stream, but also the times at which people are streaming can take its toll on the quality. Especially if the games are being broadcast at the peak times of Internet use between 7pm and 9pm in the UK.

So the only solution is to convince everyone else in the country not to stream the footie so you can watch it on your own.

To the pub it is then!

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