Trump Supporters Are Using Secret Code To Disguise Their Racist Slurs

donald trumpWikimedia

Donald Trump’s evil minions have found a new way to be absolutely abhorrent online, without getting caught and punished.

The legions of racist Trump supporters just can’t keep their disgusting views to themselves, and insist on clogging up Twitter with racial slurs.

Despite the fact that Twitter and Facebook have clamped down on dissemination of hate speech, the backward-thinking individuals have come up with a secret code in order to discuss issues of race and ethnic minorities without having their accounts suspended.

Alan Goldman came across the code on 4Chan, a forum known for harbouring trolls – and incidentally, the murky origins of hacktivist group, Anonymous.

Goldman leaked the anti-censorship operation, which has been nicknamed ‘Operation Google’, from the online messaging board on his Twitter feed. The full code has been posted on a site called Onsizzle.

Although secret codes sound like the sort of thing you’d encounter in a primary school playground – exactly the level of behaviour we’ve come to expect from Trump’s troop of trolls – translating their tweets is still horrifying.

As if the tweets themselves weren’t horrifying enough, the codes come with a message that directly singles out Mark Zuckerberg:

Welp, while Operation Google is underway, we will officially try not to get ourselves banned for ‘Hate Speech’.

‘(Because Mark Zuckerberg is a Skype-Google who ban meme page for almost no reason).

‘We will officially be named Bings, who just like the search engine, is trash. But don’t worry, we will survive as Bings and I promise you, I will guide you through this dark time.

Indeed this is a dark time, for all right-minded citizens who have a jot of humanity and respect for the fellow man.

This is a side of the internet that is depraved, disturbing and I sincerely hope will dissolve into nothing when social media platforms become aware of the codes.