Turkish Company Makes Real-Life Transformer Out Of A BMW

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Transformers fans, assemble! There’s a company out in Turkey that’s making real-life Autobots out of BMWs.

The company responsible for the real robots in disguise is called Letvision, a Turkish research and development company that has been creating what it calls Letrons – transforming Beemers.


As seen in the footage below, what looks like a normal-looking red BMW can quite quickly transform into a towering giant of an Autobot, complete with booming robot voice and the ability to drive using a remote control when in ‘car mode’.

Its transformation process is actually very loud; not sure what we were expecting here to be honest, and it even features built-in smoke machines for added drama.

We’d expect nothing less than every bit of the pomp and circumstance these machines quite rightly deserve, but don’t get too attached – they don’t even have a price tag.

Letrons BMW TransformerLetrons

In an interview with Vice, a spokesperson said the company wouldn’t part with ANTIMON, BIZMUT, ARGON or any of the other Letrons in existence for just any old rich person. They will instead be used as marketing opportunities to showcase the engineering prowess of Turkey.

Spokesperson Turgut Alpagot said:

We want to show the world our research and development power as Turks. We’re also a commercial firm and want to make money on this.


The Letrons are creations that money alone simply cannot buy – unless someone offered a billion, in which case it would be a ‘maybe’, according to Alpagot.

In addition to the standout feature of being an actual, real-life Transformer, the Letrons are also equipped with Wi-Fi as well as motors for head, neck, arm, wrist and finger movement.

Letrons BMW TransformerConnor Jones

The idea for the Letrons came from a routine partnership meeting, according to the company’s website, and was just one idea of a few offered during a brainstorm around a futuristic project.


The first Letron, ANTIMON, was built in 11 months by a team of engineers and software developers at Letvision. The Letrons don’t currently walk, but the company said it would consider looking at ways to make it happen if it was provided with the research funds.

There are five Letrons currently in existence, and the company said it plans to make more in the future. It also envisages a Letron with full driving capabilities, but it’s currently resigned to a simple remote control operation.

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