Twitter Is Poised To Scrap Its 140-Character Limit

by : UNILAD on : 30 Sep 2015 02:46

Try to stay calm, but big changes may well be afoot in the world of social media.

If rumours circulating on the internet are to be believed, then Twitter is close to allowing users to post messages over 140 characters in length.


It is a move long called for by critics of the sharing site, and the company has gradually taken steps towards loosening the reigns on users.

The company put no limits on direct messages in June, and third party tools such as TwitLonger or OneShot are supported.

Neither of these options provides a lengthened tweet in the truest sense, and the company is having to do battle with the thought of dropping arguably its biggest trademark.

There has been suggestion that such a move will not completely remove the character count. Instead half-way measures are reportedly being discussed, such as no longer including handles and links in the count.


As a company Twitter is going through a period of transition that is driving change. Interim CEO Jack Dorsey is being heralded as opening the door to innovation.

Speaking to Recode a senior company insider said:

People have been very precious at Twitter about what Twitter can be and how much it can be evolved. Having Jack come in and say it’s okay makes all the difference in the world.”

Bold strategy if it happens. Watch this space.

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