These Are The Type Of Exes Most Likely To Facebook Stalk You


A new study has shown what type of ex is most likely to Facebook stalk you.

Social media has made breakups that extra bit harder – being constantly exposed to how much fun your ex-partner is seemingly having without you.

Cutting off contact isn’t as easy as it once was. On the flip side, stalking your ex’s every move is also considerably easier, if you are the crazy co-dependent type.

And it seems that some of you are more that way inclined than others.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa and Ohio State University study examined men and women aged between 18 and 42, who had experienced a breakup in the last year, Complex reports.

Apparently partners who were more invested and anxious about the relationship were more prone to post-relationship Facebook stalking. So those were hurt most were more likely to increase that suffering by examining every detail of their partner’s new life without them.

So there you go, if you were hurt by a breakup, block your ex ASAP. You’ll thank yourself later.