U.S. Navy Reveals Their ‘Deadliest’ Destroyer And It’s Pretty Crazy

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The U.S. Navy has just revealed their brand new destroyer, the USS Zumwalt. And yes, it’s one of the deadliest in the world.

Reports say that the ship, which is only the size and shape of a large fishing trawler to minimize chance of detection, is armed with guns that can obliterate enemies from as far as 100 miles away.

The destroyer is also designed with a stealthy shape and an incredibly advanced gun system, meaning it can fire rocket-propelled projectiles across miles of ocean with absolute pinpoint accuracy.

According to the Daily Mail, the Zumwalt is apparently the first new class of warship built at Maine’s Bath Iron Works and features a peculiar angular shape that makes the vessel 50 times more difficult to detect on radar than earlier destroyers.

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Loren Thompson, senior defense analyst at the Lexington Institute, said:

Zumwalt was a challenge to assemble because of all the new technologies, but sea trials show it is a world-class warship with unique capabilities.

Electrician John Upham said:

We’ve overcome lots of obstacles to get to this point. I think everybody in the shipyard is proud of the work we’ve done.

Bath Iron Works is expected to turn the destroyer over to the Navy this week.

The ship should be on the sea’s in October, but it is likely to set tax payers back a colossal $4.4 billion (£3 billion).