US Switching To 100% Renewable Energy Would Save Hundreds of Billions Each Year

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New research in the US has emerged to further support the idea that completely turning to renewable energy would not only help the planet but save the country billions of dollars annually.

After numerous attempts by Donald Trump to delegitimise the idea of making the US’s energy sources entirely renewable, he’s yet again been proven wrong. Regardless of the insistence that a swift change to 100% renewable would damage the US economy and is unrealistic, the stats show the complete opposite.


In a Rewiring America report cited at Common Dreams, the analysis shows that an aggressive switch over would save America $321 billion each year. The drastic move would naturally reduce the harmful gas emissions, thus reducing the greenhouse effect and slowing down the heating up of the planet.

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Published last week, the findings say not only would it save the country billions, it would reduce costs for individuals, too, citing an average household saving between $1,050 to $2,585 off their utility bills.

The report details how we can swiftly make said changes, without it being the major disruptor Trump claims:


We can decarbonize our driving with electric cars, and charge them cleanly with solar on our rooftops and renewable electricity from the grid. Where most homes now burn methane in the kitchen to run the stove, we can switch to electric induction for cooking… We can use electric water heaters, or better still, heat pump hot water heaters that more efficiently provide us with hot showers and warm water. A heat pump, potentially with energy storage cheaply attached, can replace our furnace or other heating systems with electricity. We can buy electric clothes dryers to replace natural gas ones.


America Uses More Renewable Energy Than Coal For First Time This Century

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The study also finds that more than 40% of energy-related carbon emissions are from day-t0-day activities, such as cooking, washing, and commuting. Fossil fuels are responsible for powering the basic things we rely on, including lighting, heating, and the energy behind our fridge-freezers.

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However, one of the biggest factors is the upfront cost. No one likes spending money they don’t feel is necessary, yet this must be done as a one-off for a better future. The research acknowledges this and states ‘we only succeed in fighting climate change if all households can transition to the new economy.’


‘Creative policy solutions’ are cited as a major requirement to succeed and, if people actually paid attention, they’d realise it’s the millions of regular Americans who prop up the country that would benefit the most: ‘It is the poorest households that have the most to gain from household energy savings.’

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