Uber To Launch ‘Flying Taxis’ Within ‘Five To Ten Years’


Alright mate, this for Josh? Mr Teal, yes? Nice one. Where are you going? Uhm… how’s about the SKY? Uber now do flying cars people!

Well hold up, not exactly, but they’re taking to the air in the appropriately named uberAIR, because what’s a modern company name without emphasised capitals?

Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, is gearing up to launch his flying taxis all over the globe.

Speaking at an investor forum in Tokyo today, (February 20), he said uberAIR will be accessible within five to ten years.


As for the price, he assures they’ll become affordable for would-be consumers.

Uber Head of Policy of Autonomous Vehicles and Urban Aviation, Justin Erlich recently said:

Our hope and belief is that the time savings that you will get through air travel will incentivize people who might otherwise be used to the privacy of their own rides [being game] to share rides.

If you ask about what’s the future of mobility — like when we have all these people wanting to move — we can think of these as packets of people and things moving in these really dense city areas.


He added:

Everything will probably need to look like some form of fleets that are run by folks like Uber that are pooled with people sharing rides that are electric and eventually autonomous.

I think that’s the sort of vision that we’re working towards both on the ground and in the air and I think shared rides is a huge part of that.

This idea of urban air travel isn’t actually as foreign as we might think. It just hasn’t happened recently. So part of it is around creating a discussion with communities about what the benefits are, why we think this is safer and getting them excited about what this could be.

Not too sure about this? Think it’s a bit ludicrous, imagine going to the top of a building to get on one of these p*ssed?