UNILAD Tech Christmas Gift Guide 2020

by : Matt Weston on : 18 Dec 2020 16:05
UNILAD Tech Christmas Gift Guide 2020Tim Horner

Still struggling for gift ideas for those special or not-so-special friends and family? We here at UNILAD Tech have compiled a list of some of our favourite gifts that you can get now.

Whether you’re looking for a stocking filler or splashing out on that favourite child, take a look through our list for some much-needed inspiration!


PlayStation 5 HD Camera (£49.98)


If you’ve already spent the best part of £500 on a PlayStation 5, you likely want to game on a console in the best way possible. Now you can stream in the most accessible way with the PlayStation 5 HD Camera.

The camera is ideal for showing off to your friends that SpiderMan: Miles Morales looks amazing, or that Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t that buggy. The camera allows users to stream with dual lenses for 1080p and you can remove your background with ease. The camera also fits on the TV with the stand and can also be altered to give yourself a more flattering angle.


Many people are keen to see how the sought after PS5 performs, and this is an easy way to share your experience if you were lucky enough to get one.

GETIHU Power Bank (£14.98)


Despite the many steps forward in smartphone technology, batteries still continue to be an issue. The idea of a portable battery is nothing new but the GETIHU Power Bank LED Display 10000mAh Portable Charger is great value for money.

The LED display lets you know how much charge is left, and the battery itself will charge your phone at high-speed. It also has a three-year warranty and a wide-ranging compatibility that makes it suitable for most devices.

This is an ideal product when your phone just doesn’t have the legs that it used to.


Disney+ Annual Subscription (£59.99)


Disney’s streaming service only launched a year ago, but following the studio’s latest set of announcements, if you’re a fan of Marvel, Star Wars or just about any other franchise, it’s no exaggeration to say Disney+ is going to be a must-have over the coming years.

Maybe you could buy it for the person who’s Netflix account you’ve been using for free this whole time.


Anker Soundcore Life P2 (£31.99)


These true wireless earbuds have plenty of the features you’ll find on Apple AirPods, but at just a fraction of the price. They’re comfortable, compact and most importantly carry great sound quality.

Unsurprisingly, they do lack some of the more advanced features found on higher-end models, such as active noise cancellation, but if you’re looking to gift someone a pair of budget earbuds that deliver on quality (and won’t be as devastating to lose), these are a safe bet.

MacBook Air M1 (£999)


Apple’s first computers built using their own M1 silicon chips are seriously fast, seriously powerful, seriously quiet, and, best of all, exactly the same price as the older models.

The MacBook Air has always been a classic gift for students, but this new-and-improved version can also handle gaming, photoshop and video editing, making it the perfect laptop for pretty much anyone.

Sonos Beam (£300)


A Sonos Beam is a commitment to giving your ears what they deserve. While soundbars are expensive, they are becoming increasingly popular because they deliver better audio than your TV ever could.

The Sonos Beam is similar to most soundbars offering high-quality audio alongside a range of connection options. However, it also boasts voice commands, a customisable EQ, and even its own Radio HD experience.

If you’re committing to a soundbar, you may as well go the full way, and that’s what the Sonos Beam offers consumers.

Tile Mate (2020) Bluetooth Item Finder (£37.99)


Losing things can be the most frustrating part of the day. Whether the keys have gone missing again, or that bag you really like has seemingly disappeared after a quiet drink. Tile Mate offers a unique solution that allows you to track items through a Bluetooth connection.

With a 200ft radius, keys and bags can be found instantly by opening a companion app. The tile simply acts like a keyring and can be attached to almost anything you have in the house.

The only issue is remembering to open the app before spending half an hour moving everything around your house.

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (£1,699)


The original Dell XPS 13 is considered by some to be the best laptop on the market, and this 2-in-1 version more than lives up to those lofty standards.

The main draw is its versatility – it features a 360degree hinge that can either prop itself up for watching videos (or zoom calls), or flip around completely to turn the touchscreen into a tablet. You can also buy a compatible pen to use it as a drawing tablet, or for signing documents.

It’s a high-end laptop, and that’s reflected in the price, but if you’re looking to splurge on the creative in your life, you can’t go wrong with this.

Oculus Quest 2 (£299)


Virtual Reality has been touted as the future of gaming for a while now, but Oculus’ newest headset could be the one that finally makes good on that promise.

Oculus says the Quest 2 is their most advanced all-in-one headset yet, allowing users to immerse themselves in virtual worlds without any cables or external sensors required.

Gamers will dig it, and as an added bonus it’s fun to watch other people flail around when trying it out for the first time.

Lumos Street Helmet (£154.56) 


During the many lockdowns during 2020, a lot of people have turned to cycling as a means of transport on less busy roads.

It is hoped that 2021 will be a more prosperous year, but either way, it is worth being safe. The Lumos Street Helmet lets drivers see when you are breaking and turning. The idea is that these signals will make your intentions clear and prevent accidents.

This is a clever idea that could improve road safety, and while it is slightly pricier than the usual helmet – can you really put a price on a safe commute?

Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 (£539) 


Mastering a DJ set is pretty difficult, and even harder to make look easy. For those who want to improve their skills, the DDJ-FLX6 is the perfect mid-range choice that’s ideal for house parties (rules dependant) and private sessions.

The DDJ-FLX6 is a 4-channel unit that allows you to mix genres and styles seamlessly with the Merge FX feature. The system also allows you to scratch records and even sample your own edits to loop back into the mix. It also has all the other custom tools that you could think of.

At a middling price range, this is a great way to further your DJ skills, or put on a 2 am set without annoying everyone else at the party.

Amazon Echo Dot (£29.99)


The smart speaker revolution has continued this year, and Amazon’s latest Alexa device is currently on sale for a great price.

Its multi-purpose functionality means pretty much everyone can find a use for it, whether it’s as a speaker or an alarm clock. If you’ve run out of gift ideas, this is always a solid option no matter who you’re shopping for.

Apple Music Subscription (£9.99/month)


Apple Music celebrated its 5th birthday this year, and continues to deliver exclusive curated playlists and interviews with the world’s biggest artists.

The biggest draw of the platform is its radio station, Apple Music 1, which as well as being home to the ultimate music tastemaker Zane Lowe, also has a whole library of shows hosted by artists themselves, including Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, Lil Wayne and Lady Gaga.

If you want to know who your favourite artists’ favourite artists are, this is the streaming platform to have. Oh, and if you buy it with a student plan (£4.99/month) you also get Apple TV+ thrown in for free.

Philips SmartSleep (£99.99) 


Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is an issue every year, nevermind during a year which has seen a focus on staying indoors. Fortunately, there is a way to give your body a more natural rest, and perhaps most importantly, a natural awakening. 

The Philips SmartSleep will gradually wake you up by emitting light in a similar fashion to a sunrise. Equally, it also becomes dimmer like a sunset in the evening. On top of that, you can also have the radio play while you get up.

While this isn’t an invention that will cure sadness in darker months, it has been clinically proven to help people.

Ember CM17 Ceramic Temperature Control Mug (£111.77) 


Don’t you just hate it when you return to your cup of tea and its icy cold? Or even worse when you know you’ve just missed the ideal drinking temperature? There is a solution in the Ember CM17 Ceramic Temperature Control Mug.

The name of this mug will take a while to say, but it allows you to set the temperature of your drink. The result of this is the ability to leave your tea or coffee at will and return to it safe in the knowledge that it will be just right.

It also has some nifty features like an LED light, just in case you’re worried that someone will knock your hot drink over. In short, this is the ultimate hot drink insurance.

Kinivo 550BN 4K HDMI Switch (£45.99) 


Changing HDMI connections can be a pain, particularly given the size of most TVs. Rather than continuing to grapple your television there are HDMI switches which are a game-changer. By simply pressing a button the HDMI connector allows you to flick between connections. This is ideal if you have multiple consoles, or are still holding on to some technology memorabilia like a DVD player.

The Kinivo offers some of the best quality ports on the HDMI switch market with 4k resolution. It also allows you to connect five devices simultaneously. Given the amount of HDMI outputs, the time-saving device may turn into a challenge to find a number of applicable devices.

DJI Mavic Mini 2 (£479)


The biggest name in consumer drones dropped their newest, tiniest model a couple of months ago. It may weigh less than an apple, but it packs a punch, with a 31 minute max flight time, a video transmission range of up 10km and a camera to rival the latest flagship smartphones.

We might not be able to do much travelling at the moment, but this mini drone travels for you, making it a must-have for anyone looking to discover and capture more of the world around them.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator (£51)

Teenage Engineering

DIY pop is all the rage these days, with artists like Clairo and Rex Orange County gaining critical acclaim for records they made in their bedrooms.

This range of mini synthesisers and drum machines might not land you a record deal, but if you know someone who has always wanted to make their own beats they’re not a bad place to start.

Each pocket operator also comes with some pleasingly retro 8-bit graphics which are sure to amuse teenagers and 20-something music aficionados alike.

Rhodesy Octopus Phone Tripod Stand (£19.95) 


Getting a good photo can be tough, and often tripods can be used to get the perfect shot. Unfortunately, carrying around a tripod isn’t practical and the legs aren’t always the best in certain situations. The Rhodesy Octopus Phone Tripod Stand gives you the ability to get great photos on the move without having your arm take up half of the photo.

With twistable and malleable legs, the Rhodesy Octopus tripods over the ability to adapt to the current situation. On top of that, they are a cheap solution to a common problem.

The Rhodesy Octopus Phone Tripod Stand boasts being the most portable tripod, alongside cool features like 360 degrees of movement and a universal phone mount adapter.

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