US Air Force Has Revealed Their New Strange Looking Flying Car

by : Daniel Richardson on : 20 Nov 2020 17:14
The US Air Force Reveals A Strange Looking Flying CarThe US Air Force Reveals A Strange Looking Flying CarAir National Guard/ Staff. Sgt. Sean Kornegay

A prototype isn’t always the best looking version of the technology, and the US Air Force has illustrated this with the concept of a flying car made in partnership with LIFT Aircraft.

As part of a ‘groundbreaking initiative,’ LIFT Aircraft partnered with the US Air Force to deliver commercial flying cars. This ambition of the project was furthered as the US military have also expressed interest in the technology that could make flying cars widespread.


However, the demonstration of the technology shows a very strange vehicle that doesn’t look too practical.

The video of the unusual LIFT Aircraft is below:

The concept, known as the Hexa, has 18 rotary propellers and can fit one person inside. This gives the vehicle an odd appearance that doesn’t look too balanced or too different from a helicopter. Due to its awkward appearance, some may wonder whether lighter helicopters would be a better investment for the US Air Force and military.


Nonetheless, this design is backed by the US Air Force and almost anyone will be able to control and fly the vehicle. By using a joystick, the pilot of the vehicle can move in all directions and if they do struggle with being airborne, the four buoys attached to the vehicle also allow it to float. The vehicle is also completely electric, and with that in mind, it could help new aviation technology act as a catalyst for renewable change.

While some of the technology behind the flying car is impressive, some will be concerned about its unconventional appearance and inability to have more than one person inside. Nonetheless, the concept has time to develop and become more accommodating, as well as aesthetically pleasing, in the future.

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