US Army Shows Exactly How The Battlefield Looks With Their New Night Vision Goggles

by : Hannah Smith on : 28 Apr 2021 13:43
US Army Shows Exactly How The Battlefield Looks With Their New Night Vision GogglesUS Army

The US Army has revealed what its like to do battle under cover of darkness, thanks to new footage filmed through their latest state-of-the-art night vision goggles.

The video, which looks more like something taken straight out of a Call of Duty game, was shot last week during a live-fire training exercise at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington.


Soldiers participating in the exercise were testing out the US Army’s new Enhanced Night Vision Goggles-Binocular (ENVG-B.) First debuted in autumn 2019, the ENVG-B have been gradually rolling out over the past year and a half, replacing the older PVS-14 monoculars widely used by the US Army and across NATO forces. And it’s quite an update.

Gone are the days of the classic green-and-black images most of us probably associate with night vision. Instead, the 45-second clip, posted on Twitter by the Lancer Brigade, shows troops outlined in high-detail, with flashes and streaks from machine gun-fire and mortar rounds lighting the screen up in a bright white-blue.

According to Insider, the video demonstrates the ENVG-B’s ‘Outline Mode Fused + AR/RTA’ (augmented reality/rapid target acquisition), with several other options available to soldiers in the field.


Previous demonstrations by other forces have shown the goggles’ ability to transform a pitch-black scene into bright daylight, while Task & Purpose reports the ENVG-B can also be used to see through difficult conditions, including smoke, fog and dust.

No modern tech is complete without a wireless connection, and these new night vision goggles are no different. The ENVG-B can also link up to weapons, acting as a sight for soldiers and offering improved accuracy when shooting from obscured angles.

US Army night vision gogglesUS Army

Alongside the ENVG-Bs, the US Military is also preparing to roll out its new Integrated Augmented Reality System (IVAS) later this year, giving US soldiers an even more advanced view of their surroundings.


Senior army officials seem pretty impressed with what they’ve seen of the ENVG-B so far, describing them as a ‘night and day’ improvement on the old models.

Speaking to the US Army website following a test in 2020, 2nd Lt. Phillip Davis said:

There’s no comparison between the two. Just the difference in depth perception and clarity is drastic.

The ENVG-Bs are incredible for situational awareness alone. Having that augmented reality with Rapid Target Acquisition allows us to make decisions quicker, and that’s going to save a lot of lives.

He added: ‘The potential is astonishing. These are capabilities I never thought I’d see in the Army.’


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    This video shows what the battlefield looks like through the US Army's new night vision goggles