Video Reveals How Epic Shots For Adverts Are Actually Filmed

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 07 Sep 2021 17:36
Video Reveals How Epic Shots For Adverts Are Actually FilmedFlying_Koeksister/Reddit

If you’ve ever wondered how some adverts are filmed, this video will show you how the magic is done. 

Some food and drink adverts look like they could have been filmed in Hollywood, when actually a lot of the time it’s just down to good old fashioned camera work.


A tell-all video recently shared on Reddit shows how it’s done, and it’s not as simple as pouring Coca-Cola into a glass with ice.

From magnetic robot arms and projecting fruits into the air, to perfectly dropping each layer of a beef burger on top of one another – it’s undeniably quite an art to craft.

See it here:


People have had mixed opinions on the revealing video, with some Redditors arguing that all the equipment used is unnecessary.

One person wrote, ‘Not gonna lie. Some of these I think you can just set your camera on record and just start throwing things around. The robot arms aren’t necessary.’

However, others defended the high-tech way of shooting. Another said:

Messing around at home and you can spend days to get 3 seconds of slo-mo footage? Yep! It’s fun. But for a high-budget commercial shoot where there are 2 or 3 people from the ad agency participating and 2 or 3 people from the client on set so every second of shooting is racking up serious costs? Then the client is willing to pay for the robots to nail those shots in hours not days of shooting.

Food advert being made (u/Flying_Koeksister/Reddit)u/Flying_Koeksister/Reddit

Another wrote, ‘The robot arms are necessary because of the high speed and as someone else said, the repeatability. That’s also why they’re wearing sunglasses, because to shoot at 1000fps you need tons and tons of bright light.’

Whether the robot arms are needed or not, you can’t deny they make great-looking adverts.

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