Video Shows Insane Three-Wheeled Turret Car In China

by : Daniel Richardson on : 17 Nov 2020 15:37
Video Shows Insane Three-Wheeled Turret Car In ChinaVideo Shows Insane Three-Wheeled Turret Car In ChinaImgur

Designing your own vehicle can be tough, and it’s difficult to break from four-wheel or two-wheel conventions. However, someone has done it, and a video shows a man driving a very strange and unique three-wheeled vehicle. 

If you’ve ever wanted a three-wheel circular machine that has a turning cockpit, then a recently uploaded TikTok will delight you.


However, if you have more traditional expectations for vehicles, the video will likely leave you confused. A TikTok uploaded by a user who goes by the name of wo583582429 shows a very strange vehicle that has yet to have an official source.

The video shows the driver enter the circular cockpit and rotate the seat and the tyres with a wheel system. After doing this, it seems that the driver uses peddles to get the vehicle moving forward. The driver then takes the vehicle up a dirt track and goes in a circle before getting out. Safe to say, viewers are impressed by the intriguing vehicle, which looks like it belongs on the set of Mad Max.


In terms of how it works, the vehicle appears to be a unique build that utilises a planetary gearing set up so that the inner ring uses teeth to turn the outer rings that prop up the tyres. By using this system, the turret-like vehicle can turn itself and the driver with relative ease.

chinese concept machinechinese concept machineTikTok/wo583582429

It will be interesting to see if more details about this invention and its creator come to light. It is clear that the video of the invention has intrigued online communities and with that in mind, plenty would like to see this vehicle with further developments.

With that said, it may be a while before anyone could drive their own three-wheel rotary car on a road legally.


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