Vine Is Returning, Confirms Founder


The creator of Vine has confirmed the app is returning, and quicker than anyone of us expected.

Barely one month after announcing the second incarnation of Vine: ‘V2’ Dom Hofmann has revealed that Vine’s community forums will launch on January 17.

The community will pledge to ‘foster a civilised, kind, inclusive and absolutely non-toxic community’, reports We The Unicorns.

It isn’t clear as to when the fully-formed Vine comeback will happen but if we’re getting the community back within the week then things looks promising to say the least.

Founded in 2012, Vine was a video hosting service that invited punters to upload six-second-long looping videos, usually of the banter kind. Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll then sold it to Twitter in October that year for a reported $30 million.

Vine was shut down by Twitter abruptly in 2016 following huge success and popularity across the world.


Launched in January 2013, by December 2015 Vine had 200 million active users.

On October 27, 2016, Twitter declared it would be disabling uploads but leave the option to view and download old clips.

But now it’s back, and Logan Paul is BANNED! Apparently, at least…

As per an unverified Twitter:

Logan Paul has been banned from the Vine 2 platform. We donemn the unhumane acts of the video regarding ‘Taunting’ a dead body found in a Japanese Forest. There will be no place for toxic activity on our platform.

They added:

We are aware that Logan Paul has committed inhumane acts in one of his vlogs regarding a dead body found in a Japanese forest. For this prupose, The username @ ‘LoganPaul’ will be banned from the Vine 2 Platform. We will not tolerate such disgusting inhumane behaviour.

Yeah so the tweets might be ridiculous and fake but here’s hoping!