We Took The HTC Vive VR For A Spin, Is This The Future Of Gaming?


HTC Vive VR is one of the best Virtual Reality headsets out there right now and it takes gaming to another level.

If you’re a gamer or are into tech, you would have heard of VR (Virtual Reality) gaming by now, and if you’ve attended any trade shows like the Gadget Show Live or E3 in the past, chances are you would have tried it.

HTC Vive VR is Powerful and brings gaming to life

HTC Vive VR Gaming

With the availability of HTC Vive, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Microsoft’s HoloLens and PlayStation VR, Virtual Reality gaming device war is now in full-swing.

We’ve been playing with HTC’s Vive VR headset over the past few weeks and we can’t help but see this as the future of gaming.

We even painted Pikachu throwing a Pokemon ball with it

It offers endless possibilities with what you could achieve with an immersive gaming environment and other things like drawing and making music. VR Porn anyone?! No seriously, maybe surgeons and pilots can use it for training in the comfort of their own living room.

So why do we think VR is the future?

Immersive experience! The single most valid reason that would win anyone over is the immersive experience it offers. It literally sucks you in making it feel a lot more interactive than any other gaming environment – two senses are put to use here, your vision and hearing, maybe more will be involved in the future.

Whether you want to play tennis, The Lab, or Eve Valkyrie, all you need is the HTC Vive VR kit, headphones, big space to move around, and voila! you’re in a whole new world.

People around you may think you’re going mad because they can’t see what you can and thanks to its 360-degree, top to bottom mesmerising field of view, you feel fully encapsulated in a different world.

Endless possibilities of VR (Virtual Reality) games and apps

What we’re excited about is the endless possibilities it brings with the kind of games you would be able to play in the future – just imagine call of duty in VR! Steam and on-demand game

Steam and on-demand game download

Do you recall the last time you queued up for games? No, us neither! With HTC and Valve’s partnership, it means you have access to Steam VR library. Everything you love about Steam is now available in virtual reality.

Steam VR Games

You can keep tabs on the newest releases, automatically download game updates, create and share content with your friends. VR is also seeing a collective effort from all the graphics and tech giants, like NVIDIA, Intel and more, meaning we can expect more games in the near future.

Need an excuse for a powerful gaming PC?

HTC Vive or any gaming VR headset for that matter is another excuse to finally take the plunge and get a powerful gaming PC or Laptop.

VR-Ready Gaming Laptop

A powerful VR headset like the Vive require a powerful computer to make it run smoothly and buying a VR-ready, powerful gaming laptop like the MSI GT72S 6QF Dragon Edition means you can make your money stretch beyond just a gaming setup for playing call of duty.

Virtual Reality Gaming

When you need to justify the cost to your partner or family, just say VR! Besides, you would be future-proof for gaming. What would be great to see in the future though is wireless VR gaming, so you can play untethered to a PC.