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Apple has officially confirmed the rumours that it will be holding an iPhone 12 launch event on next Tuesday, October 13, and with all the leaks flying around, we thought you’d like a roundup of everything we know so far.

The event itself is the second Apple has hosted within the space of a month. It announced the new redesigned iPad Air on September 15 along with the new Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6, base model iPad, Apple Fitness+, and the Apple One services package.


Next week’s event is poised to reveal the long-awaited iPhone 12, and there’s plenty to be excited about from what we know already.

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We’re expecting four new iPhones at the event, each separated by different price points, sizes and features. The expected naming formats and prices are: iPhone 12 Mini, which has a 5.4in display and is available from $649; iPhone 12, which boasts a 6.1in display and can be yours from $749; iPhone 12 Pro, which features a 6.1in display and is available from $999; and iPhone 12 Pro Max, which boasts a 6.7-in display, which can be yours from $1,099.

The following tweet breaks down the proposed pricing for different storage preferences, too.


All four phones may not be immediately available, if some reports are to be believed, as the company may be staggering the release, with some models not shipping until early November.

The technology that everyone seems to love or hate – 5G – is all but confirmed for all four new devices. Apple’s ‘Hi, Speed’ tagline for the event is all the convincing we need. The high-speed connectivity is the next generation in mobile networking, and it has fans excited beyond belief.

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As 5G can be implemented in different ways within devices, leading to faster or slower download speeds, the jury is out on how Apple will be connecting its phones to the new network.

Rumours indicate the possibility of the Pro models getting mmWave 5G support – the fastest connectivity available – while the non-Pro models will feature the slower 5G modules known as Sub-6gHz.

In any case, speeds will definitely be faster than the current 4G network, and will allow more people to be on the network at the same time without speeds becoming too adversely affected. Great for those living or working in busy cities.

The iPhone 12 Mini, the cheapest in the range, could be smaller than the current iPhone SE. Despite having a larger screen (5.4 inches compared to the SE’s 4.7inches) the iPhone Mini will be smaller than the 2020 SE if the bezel-less and Touch ID-less design comes to fruition. It could be the smallest iPhone the company has made since the iPhone 5s’s launch in 2013.

Pet Portrait Mode Is Actually A Feature On The New iPhone 11PA Images

The iPhone 12 is likely to be a straightforward upgrade from the iPhone 11. It’s yet to be determined if the display will be newer than last year’s model or if the cameras will be updated, but it will almost certainly have 5G connectivity.

The iPhone 12 Pro models are somewhat of a mystery. Yes, the base Pro and Pro Max will have different-sized screens and these are likely to be a step-up from the iPhone 12’s display. What was rumoured earlier this year is the displays getting a buttery smooth 120hz refresh rate. This would give users a much smoother viewing experience, but reports suggest Apple hasn’t been able to get the technology working yet.

The cameras are also expected to receive an upgrade on the iPhone 11’s, which are still some of the best on the market. The latest iPad Pro’s camera module with a LiDAR sensor, used for things like depth perception and AR, is one feature that could be seen on the priciest devices.


This is been supported by prolific Apple leaker Jon Prosser.

The cost of implementing 5G in its new phones is not lost on Apple, which has reportedly made a number of changes to bring the cost of the phones down for the consumer while the cost of parts rises.

According to prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors), Apple is using new battery technology with a simpler design to cut the cost of the component by 40-50%.

iPhone 12 boxEveryApplePro/Twitter

It wouldn’t be an iPhone launch event without something for fans to get angry about, and it’s rumoured Apple will no longer include the charging wall adapter and wired earphones. Instead, it could ship just the Lightning cable and charge extra for the wall adapter and earphones on its website.

Before the red mist takes over, there’s a good reason for it. For starters, many people own USB-to-wall adapters and shipping an extra one seems a little overkill in 2020. What’s more, removing the power brick allows the iPhone’s box to be smaller, which allows Apple to ship more devices in a single trip, cutting costs in the process and giving the environment a helping hand along the way.

We’re massively excited about the launch of the most high-tech iPhones we’ve ever seen, and you can be sure to find all the latest developments as they happen here at UNILAD.

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