WhatsApp Are Releasing A Feature That Will Change Drunk Texting Forever

by : UNILAD on : 01 Feb 2017 15:11

Wish you had a time machine for all those unnecessarily misspelled, regrettable drunk texts? Look no further.


For those mornings when – through the booze induced haze and the beginnings of a migraine – you wake up suddenly remembering that message you sent… there’s now a solution.

No longer will you grab your phone in a panic in the morning, unearthing a three-page text confessing your love to your best friend and wishing you never hit ‘send’.

Why? Because you’ll be able to delete it.


WhatsApp is reportedly testing the ability to edit or recall messages that have already been sent. So that sinking feeling you get when you send a text in the heat of the moment? It’ll be all but a distant memory.

According to numerous media reports, the feature only works if the recipient has not read the message yet – but it wouldn’t really do its intended purpose otherwise.


On WhatsApp, a read message is signified by a blue tick mark. If the message has been received but not read, it will show a grey tick mark. In other words, if you see a grey tick by your regrettable message, it’s all systems go.

The feature was first spotted by Twitter account @WABetaInfo, which tracks features that WhatsApp is testing across platforms.

The update is reportedly being tested in the beta versions of WhatsApp on Android and iOS and adds ‘revoke’ and ‘edit’ options for messages that have not yet been viewed.

However, looking at the screenshots, it seems like the deleted message is replaced with ‘Sender revoked the message’ – so they’ll still know you’ve hid something.


The beauty of it all is, though, they won’t know what unless you tell them.

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