WhatsApp Have Made It Impossible To Ignore Annoying Group Chats


I don’t know about you, but personally I’m involved in one helluva lot of group chats – and to be frank, they drive me up the fucking wall.

Fortunately there’s a handy little mute button on Facebook which means I can escape the constant chatter for a short while and catch-up later on, but on WhatsApp things are going to get a lot darker as the app has quietly got rid of one of their older features.

According to TNW, there’s a new update and if you go through with it then the option of muting an irritating group chat will become a dystopian impossibility.


The irritable update works similar to Twitter by allowing you to tag multiple friends in a group message using the @ symbol.

It does have some benefits – such as allowing you to get directly in touch with the exact people you want to – even ones who aren’t in your contact list, however that’s pretty similar to any messenger service.

But what the app can’t do is stop people being beyond irritable in the chats themselves…