WhatsApp Now Lets You Delete Embarrassing Messages


Technology usually takes no prisoners when it comes to repealing mistakes, but WhatsApp is here to change all that.

As of today – at least for some of you – if you accidentally sent a message to someone which you absolutely do not need to weigh on your conscience, you now have the choice to delete it.

The catch is that you have to act within seven minutes, TechRadar reports.

So there’s no way you can drunk text your ex at 4am and then wake up at midday and go ‘Hoo-boy, let’s get rid of that slobbery nonsense.’


The feature will be labelled ‘Delete for everyone’ – you used to be only able to delete your message.

All you have to do is select the rubbish bin option after holding down your finger on said message.

Following this, anyone who tries to read the message will be notified ‘This message was deleted.’


It’s as simple as that. But remember, you gotta do it within seven minutes. No time wasting guys, for your own benefit.

Other users of WhatsApp also have to have the updated version so maybe throw this around when you’re next having drinks with your ex.

This is a gradual roll-out, so be patient. Update and see if it comes up for you.

If not, just maybe think about what you’re sending first.