Wolffepack Capture Backpack Makes It Easy To Access and Use Your Camera

Wolffe Capture in use

Wolffepack Capture is an all-round backpack that makes it very easy to access your camera without unstrapping.

Pull the release tab and your bag swings in front of you for quick access

Any photography enthusiast will testify to how hard it is to find that backpack that does everything and the Wolffepack Capture is a camera bag like no other.

Wolffepack Capture

British company Wolffepack have incorporated a quick release mechanism into the Capture’s should straps which when used, allows you to bring your backpack right in front of you for swiftly grabbing your camera so you never miss a moment again.

How is it different from the other camera bags out there?

Just like any other backpacks or camera bags out there, it offers all the space needed for your laptop, charger, battery pack and any other everyday items you’d carry around with you.

Wolffepack Capture

The difference here is that Wolffepack is using an award winning swing mechanism that is not only there just to make it easy for you to access your camera, but to also keep it secure.

Wolffepack Capture

When the bag is in front of you, you can hook it up to the loops on the should straps for when you need to use your camera for longer.

Having the bag in front of you makes it in your eyesight.

When you’re done, simply pull the red tab forward and get your backpack to its default location. The pull tab is then secured into place using a strong magnet and clip system.

Wolffepack Capture

Although the material used on the bag is water repellant, there is a cover tucked away neatly at the bottom of the bag.

Wolffepack Capture

Inside the bag where your camera is placed is also a specially designed detachable case held into place by velcros. The case can be removed completely for when you just want to use it as a backpack.

I want to find out more, tell me more!

The Wolffepack Capture is a fully funded Kickstarter project, but don’t worry, you can still back it.